Tennis Agility and Conditioning

Here is a short video showing four (4) On-The-Court exercises that you can use to improve tennis-specific agility and conditioning. Please click on the LINK below to view the video:



Non-Contact ACL Injuries

As a participant in the STOP Sports initiative and a trainer who focuses on training to reduce the risks of Non-Contact ACL Injury in our young athletes, this is an important article that any parent who has kids (particularly girls) who play sports. Training that is targeted to PREVENTION is much more preferable to dealing with this issue after an injury has occurred. And the best time to train is during the off-season. Please read this important article.


Inspirational: The Human Spirit

One of the most endearing and inspirational videos I’ve seen in a while. Talking about the ‘human spirit!’ You ‘GO’ little guy!!! When you see this, you begin to believe and understand that none of us have any excuse NOT to live our lives to the best of our abilities, no matter what challenges we think we’re facing!

May Newsletter

Hi everyone. Here is our May, 2014 newsletter. Sorry for the delay in getting this out but you will notice that this new format is now combining our two newsletters into a single issue. I hope that you enjoy this issue and the new format!

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