Save Money – NOT – Calories!

Hey everyone!  As we inch closer to Thanksgiving Day – one of the heaviest EATING holidays of the year – I thought that this might be an appropriate topic to cover.  Please enjoy, and as always feel free to share the link to this blog with your friends and family.


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Save Your Money – NOT – Your Calories

SPEND-SPEND-SPEND!  That’s my advice when it comes to calories.  Creating an excess in the form of saving or storing is great when it comes to our money.  Spend less than you make is sound financial advice.  Yet, when it comes to our health, creating a deficit in our ‘calorie bank’ is one of the best ways to improve our wellness.  In my opinion, too often the message and approach espoused in the media is focused on reducing the number of calories that you eat — in other words dieting — while not enough attention is given to creating that calorie deficit through exercise.  Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a place in most of our lives for reducing the amount that we eat.  However, there is definitely research out there that shows that taking that path without increasing our activity level may actually have the opposite effect of what we are trying to accomplish — lose weight.

I love analogies, so continuing on my spending and saving analogy, if I’m saving money in the bank and I simply reduce the amount of money that I add to my account with each deposit, while my bank account balance will increase more slowly, it doesn’t go down in value, it just goes up slower.  I can even stop making deposits altogether and while my account balance will not increase (ok I know about interest, but work with me here) it also does not go down.

Take that analogy to the eating-exercise scenario and by simply reducing my food intake/calories I may be reducing the amount of increase or weight gain that I experience, even to the point of reaching a zero sum or stabilizing my weight, but may NOT be doing much to actually lose weight.  In both scenarios, in order to reduce my balance I need to spend!  Spending calories equates to exercise.

So, keep saving your money, but please get out there and spend those calories.

ALWAYS consult with your physician or healthcare provider BEFORE you begin ANY exercise to ensure that exercise is appropriate for you!

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