Hello and welcome to the new blog site for LEC Fitness, LLC!  Here you will find interesting blogs, links and other posts that relate to health, wellness, fitness and exercise as those topics relate to Employee Wellness, Corporate Fitness and Residential Fitness programs.

Whether you’re the CEO or HR Director of a large company, a small business owner with few employees, the property manager of a residential community, or an employee or resident at one of these organizations, this blog is for you!

Here’s what one of our clients (the former Medical Director of the US Postal Service) had to say about us:

“I have had 17 years of experience as an occupational medicine physician for the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Postal Service, and over 200 private sector corporations. During this time I have evaluated a variety of health and fitness programs…Mr. Cook’s program is unique…[H]e has exceptional understanding of the physical conditioning and overall fitness… I highly recommend Mr. Cook for any type of corporate fitness program development, as well as a personal fitness trainer.” (Dr. L. S.)

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