Healthy Employees Equal Simple Math

CEO’s, Executives, Business Owners and Managers:

Healthy Employees = Happy Employees
Happy Employees = A Healthy Bottom Line

DID YOU KNOW? That surveys show that the top 5 Reasons that successful companies offer Workplace Health Promotion programs are:
1. they attract and retain good employees
2. they keep employees healthy
3. they improve employee morale
4. they improve employee productivity
5. they reduce employee health care costs

LEC Fitness is owned and operated by an experienced corporate wellness professional with experience managing and directing employee wellness, fitness, and health programs at a local college and for a large corporate fitness center.

There are many employee wellness options available for any size employer and for any budget. Check out our attached summary for just a few of our programs:  LLCWebsite2CorporateProg

Top Reasons for Having a Corporate Wellness Program

Ok, although many of you out there have probably already heard or read of some of the reasons why having a Corporate or Employee Wellness Program makes SENSE and CENTS it never hurts to hear it again. Here are just three (in no particular order):

– the reduction in the use of sick leave
– improved employee morale and retention
– reduced health care related costs

The great thing about Corporate or Employee Wellness Programs is that they can come in all sizes and shapes, and can be suited for the particular company no matter what size.