Fitness, Health and Exercise Facts by LaRue: Think Opposites for a Great Workout!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last Fitness, Health and Exercise Facts blog. Sorry for the delay, but here it is! This blog will help you develop or maintain what we all are looking for in our exercise routine – BALANCE! Please enjoy, and as always, feel free to share this link with your friends.

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Think Opposites for a Great Workout

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This Fitness, Health and Exercise Facts blog will expand upon a concept that I introduced in an earlier blog.

Everyone has their favorite exercises or their favorite body parts that they like to exercise. Whether it’s an area of our bodies that we think is weaker, or needs more work cosmetically, the truth is that we often fall into the habit of working on the same areas workout after workout.  But, the secret to a great workout is to pay attention to those ‘other areas’ as well! Here’s a simple way how to do this and to help ensure that your body is getting a complete workout. Work opposites!

Just take a look around your gym the next time you’re working out. Chances are that you’ll see someone working feverishly on, for example, chest press, leg extensions, or bicep curls, and then move on to something else working those same muscle groups, leaving their poor ‘opposite’ untouched. So, what I recommend is an occasional technique known as ‘Super-Setting.’ This technique entails your exercising a muscle and then its opposing muscle in successive exercises. By exercising in this way, you ensure yourself that both sets of muscles will get some attention – thereby helping to ensure a complete workout, and helping to maintain or develop muscle strength symmetry (i.e. helping our body to maintain its proper relative strength).

One word of caution:  Super-setting can lead to faster muscular fatigue since you are essentially working the same body part in successive exercises, so take it slow!  See how your body reacts to this form of exercise, and if you find it too difficult, simply perform exercise for these opposites later in your workout but not necessarily in succession as described above.  Ok, that’s it!  Go forth and exercise, and of course Have Fun!

As always, check with your physician before undertaking the exercises described in this Fit Fact, or any other exercise to help ensure that it’s proper for you.

As a certified personal trainer I strongly recommend that you meet with a certified trainer or other fitness professional to help you plan your program so that you can make safe and effective changes to your exercise program.

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