LEC Fitness at Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex

Media Release

LEC Fitness, LLC is very pleased to announce that it has agreed to provide Personal Training and Sports Performance services and programs at the Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex clinic. The programs and services will be available to both Inova patients and to the general public on an appointment basis. In addition, LEC Fitness will be offering small group fitness classes at the Sportsplex twice a month.

LEC Fitness will be providing programs and services targeted to help clients of all ages reach their individual fitness and wellness goals. Reduction in body fat, post-rehab training following injury or surgery, sports performance and conditioning, ACL injury prevention training, fitness training for children and adolescents, fitness training for the elderly, and training for special events such as preparing for weddings and more are all fitness goals that can be addressed through this training .

LEC Fitness owner, LaRue E. Cook says “this is a wonderful opportunity for fitness clients of all ages, whether they are an Inova patient or not, to receive fitness and personal training services in a more intimate clinical setting that is not membership based. This will allow me and the client to focus more on achieving their fitness goals with fewer interruptions and no crowding as in your typical gym setting. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with local athletes, and general fitness clients in continuing to make a positive impact on their health and fitness, and in helping them achieve their individual goals.”

For more information or to make an appointment for training please contact LaRue at: larue.cook@lecfitness.com

Create DEBT to Get Ahead

It’s that time of the year where many of us are looking to start on the road of getting fit,  losing weight and getting healthy. With so much information out there on how to accomplish this goal and the “best ways” to do this, what makes sense?

Well, one principle that underlies most if not all of the diet and weight-loss advice out there is that you must EXPEND more calories than you take in! But how should you create this DEBT? What makes sense? How does your body react when you attempt to do this?

According to Kevin Hall, PhD of the National Institutes of Health if you approach your weight loss goals by merely slashing calories – in other words approaching this goal only by reducing food intake – you cause your body to rely on its defense mechanism of CONSERVING or storing energy when it thinks it’s being starved. In other words, it slows its metabolism. This of course has the opposite effect of what you’re trying to do by dieting. So, what’s the answer? CREATE DEBT!

The kind of debt that I’m talking about here can be created through activity – through exercise. By combining exercise with a healthy reduction in your food intake (and here I would insist that you seek the counsel of your physician or registered dietician before you do so), you can begin to expend more calories than you bring in. Dr. Hall says that by gradually reducing your calorie intake you won’t trigger the starvation reflex, and instead of resisting your efforts, your body will adapt to the reduced calorie intake and exercise by LOSING!

So, what are you waiting for? Start going into DEBT today!