Sportsmetrics™ Injury Prevention Testing by LEC Fitness, LLC

Hey everyone!  As we slowly but surely creep towards Spring and Summer, our young athletes are preparing to return to outdoor sports and activities. As you parents, coaches and athletes begin your preparation for these warm-weather activities, conditioning and sports performance training should be an important part of that preparation!  Getting stronger, AND remaining injury-free should be two of your primary goals before your sport begins.

My company, LEC Fitness is a licensed Clinical Site and certified Provider of the award-winning Sportsmetrics™ Sports Performance and Injury Prevention Program. This program was researched and designed specifically to help athletes avoid the risks of a potentially devastating injury – non-contact ACL injury – a risk that can be lessened through proper training.

Here is a short video clip of us conducting the test on one of our athletes, and the resultant test that you will receive.  This test result helps us plan our “next steps” in the training process, and helps us identify potential problems in the athlete’s body mechanics that could lead to injury.

Yours in Health and Fitness
Sportsmetrics™ ACL Injury Prevention Testing by LEC Fitness


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